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Your career at tecRacer

Our onboarding process during Covid-19 and working from home.


  • ‘My dream was to create a company that functions like a family. This includes eye level communication, respect, shared challenges and also the contribution of many diverse people. This dream is called tecRacer.’

    Torsten Höpfner

  • ‘Such a feeling of appreciation and personal creative freedom is unparalleled. This is how you truly enjoy coming to work.’

    Daniel Ebeling

  • ‘Flat hierarchy is not just a phrase here; it is lived. Uncomplicated and fast.’

    Sven Grelak

  • ‘I enjoy the nice and relaxed working atmosphere and I find it great that we have coffee vending machines.’

    Vivien Hickmann

  • ‘I think it’s great that decisions and therefore possible changes can be made very quickly and without too extensive processes.’

    André Reinecke

  • ‘The work at tecRacer is incredibly diverse. That makes it exciting and challenging at the same time.’

    Sven Grelak

  • ‘I feel there is a pleasant atmosphere created by the open and friendly nature of the bosses and colleagues, where work is fun and you enjoy coming into the office in the morning.’

    Tina Sallmon

  • ‘I am always positively surprised at how our company has changed in recent years. It’s fun and enjoyable to work responsibly in a team, to further develop the product and the company.’

    Georg von der Wense

Insider Stories

Gerrit Meier-Ewert

23. April 2021
​Being at tecRacer you can (and have to) learn a ton. You will talk with many different people and see many different projects which hardly feel the same. And you are welcome to help shaping the company.

Maurice Borgmeier

16. April 2021
One of our founders once said that his goal was to create a place where he can go every day to meet people that enjoy being there. Speaking for myself, tecRacer is such a place.


1. April 2021
Competence, expertise, agility, collegiality and inclusiveness is not just something that is advertised here. It is something that is lived here at tecRacer.


3. February 2022
My name is Benjamin. I come from a small town in the Mosel region and studied business informatics in Trier and Essen. After my studies, I moved to Frankfurt, first working at one of the big auditing firms, and since April 2018 I am happy and grateful to be a part of tecRacer Consulting.

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