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Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) native service Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides fully managed shared storage in the AWS cloud based on NetApp ONTAP software. Learn how Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP accelerates your migration from on-prem data to the cloud.

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Companies often struggle with the same typical challenges, such as cost pressure, lack of productivity and agility, hardware / software end-of-life, expansion (mergers & acquisition), continuously increasing requirements in terms of security and resilience, etc.

In many cases, companies also struggle with the fact that their own IT teams are overworked and lack experience with the right tool set for cloud migrations.

Our Consulting Services

  • We are happy to support you in all phases of your cloud journey – based on AWS best practices and trusted tools such as Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.

  • A structured approach and a clear AWS cloud strategy are essential for the success of the cloud transition.

  • And to accelerate cloud transition, enterprises should rely on experienced professionals like AWS, NetApp, and tecRacer right away.


The flexible and scalable AWS cloud frees organizations from their standard IT tasks.

  • The AWS native service Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP enables you to deliver your data to the AWS cloud in an efficient, robust, highly available, and scalable manner.

  • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP also accelerates the migration of on-prem data to the cloud.

While existing NetApp customers have it the easiest here, with the extensive building blocks for migration all cloud migrations succeed!

Your benefits

AWS native Service

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is an AWS native service – fully managed, operated, and available in AWS

High available

99.99% guaranteed uptime, high-performance storage

Powered by NetApp

Amazon FSx for ONTAP uses NetApp storage efficiency for primary and backup data

Data protection

The stored data is protected by the integrated snapshot technology, back-ups and emergency copies

Efficient cloning mechanisms

Thanks to efficient cloning mechanisms, faster test and development cycles in the AWS Cloud

NetApp and tecRacer – a strong partnership

  • tecRacer drives FinOps with RI management enabled by Spot by NetApp

  • tecRacer named Cloud Partner of the Year 2023 during NetApp’s 2023 EMEA & LATAM Partner Summit

  • tecRacer reaches NetApp Unified Partner Program Level Gold!

  • tecRacer is NetApp “AWS Cloud Consulting Partner of the Year, Germany 2022”