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Conversational and Generative AI

Chats and voice bots in natural language, comprehensible summaries of large amounts of data or compiling suggestions from knowledge databases: this becomes possible with Generative AI (GenAI) and the Large Language Models (LLM). Benefit from our know-how to optimise your use case in the AWS Cloud with GenAI.

aws certified partner network
aws certified partner network
woman while using a chatbot and GenAi


The big challenge is to find your way through the variety of technologies and AI models. There are hundreds of LLMs that have different strengths. The challenges are to select the right LLM and to ensure that one’s own data sources are AI-ready. Questions need to be answered such as: Which LLM supports my use case? Is the data text, graphics or audio? What size may texts have? Is the use of GenAI safe from a data protection perspective?

Our Consulting Services

  • We guide you through all phases of your cloud or contact centre journey – based on AWS best practices and proven ML models as well as our tecRacer GenAI Project Life Cycles
  • Essential for the success of GenAI usage is a structured approach and a clear AWS cloud strategy
  • To accelerate the adoption of Conversational or GenAI in your organisation, we recommend relying on experienced experts like AWS and tecRacer

AWS and tecRacer – our solutions for you

We accompany you on your GenAI journey from the beginning with the following solutions:

Rapid GenAI /Data readiness discovery

  • Exploring the AI possibilities for your customers’ questions
  • Practical testing of an AI application for your data
  • Rough estimation of how well your data is suited for AI applications
  • Analysis of selected data (e.g. pdf documents) considering your specific requirements and questions.
  • Application of different machine learning methods for processing
  • Detailed presentation and comprehensive discussion of the obtained results.
  • Duration: Implementation 1 week / test of demo application for 1 day.

GenAI Workshop (2 days)

  • Overview of Generative AI
  • Presentation of the AWS offering: SageMaker, Bedrock and the “traditional” AI services
  • Multi-model architectures: LangChain, RAG & Co.
  • Working out and defining use cases in your company for a proof-of-concept
  • Hands-on labs | Developing with Generative AI
  • Approaches to cost optimisation and security
  • Duration: 2 days

We implement the further phases of the GenAI introduction professionally and individually for you on the basis of our GenAI project life cycle:

Description of a process for the introduction of Conversational and Generative AI

Your advantages with our solution

Reduce costs with GenAi - icon with euro sign


High availability at lower costs (pay-per-use – no licence costs)

more productivity with GenAi - icon of a cloud with stopwatch


Support of clerks or contact centre agents through suggestions from knowledge databases or structured preparation of content

more automation with GenAi - icon of two gears working together


Improvement of chat and voicebot self services through greatly improved recognition rates through the use of GenAI

more scalability with GenAi - icon on the subject of scalability


The AWS services used and the LLM behind them enable access, labelling and processing of even very large amounts of data, whether structured (such as table data) or unstructured (e.g. photos, video and audio) for ML use cases.

be innovative with GenAi - a lightbulb icon


Integrated AI services for data scientists and contact centre managers as well as no-code interfaces for business analysts enable innovative AI projects to be implemented across departments.

working protected with GenAi - icon of a cloud with a protecting shield in front of it


Efficient data backup and storage in the AWS Cloud.

Discover the future of communication with conversational and generative AI. Get in touch with us!


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