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Cloud Security

Ensuring security in the AWS Cloud requires a well-planned and active security strategy that includes technologies, processes, and training.

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The German Federal Office for Information Security clearly states in its annual situation report: The threat in the cyber space is higher than ever. According to the report, the top threats to business in particular are ransomware, vulnerabilities, and open or misconfigured web servers.

Security in the AWS cloud is critical, and it comes with several challenges. One of the main issues is data security and privacy. Customers need to ensure that their sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access and tampering. Encryption technologies and secure key management play a crucial role here. In addition, they must ensure that they comply with applicable data protection laws and industry standards, with responsibility for security and compliance resting with the customer.

Identity and access management (IAM) is another challenge. Customers need to ensure that only authorized users and applications can access their AWS cloud resources. Strong authentication methods and clear access policies are essential here. In particular, managing privileged access, such as from administrators and developers, requires special attention to prevent insider threats and unwanted access.

Additionally, specific threats and vulnerabilities must be considered in the AWS cloud. These include unauthorized instances, API misuse, and configuration errors. Customers need to be aware of these specific risks and take appropriate action. This includes adhering to configuration management best practices to prevent security breaches, and continuously monitoring the AWS Cloud environment to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Ensuring security in the AWS Cloud requires a well-planned and active security strategy that includes technologies, processes, and training.



An effective cloud security plan helps you comply with regulatory requirements by establishing clear policies and procedures for protecting sensitive data.


A cloud security concept developed in advance supports the definition and implementation of effective strategies to defend against acute cyber threats.


A well thought-out cloud security concept leaves no areas out and thus ensures that company data, applications and infrastructures are protected against unwanted access and attacks.


A comprehensive cloud security concept provides clear guidelines and processes that show all stakeholders – employees and management – how cloud security is implemented in concrete terms.

Our solution

Our cloud security concept for the AWS cloud offers a holistic approach to ensuring the security of your digital assets. This process starts with an in-depth risk analysis and a thorough identification of vulnerabilities and threats for the future AWS cloud environment according to the workload to be operated. At the same time, we work closely with our customers to define the individual requirements and objectives for the security concept.

The next phase involves designing a customized security architecture based on the results of the risk analysis and the specific needs of our customers. We configure and implement AWS security services such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), network segmentation and encryption to create a robust security infrastructure. Within this framework, we develop clear security policies and procedures that govern the use and management of your AWS resources, including access controls and data security policies.

An important aspect of our managed service is the continuous monitoring of your AWS cloud environment. For this, we recommend setting up a powerful security monitoring system to detect suspicious activities and security incidents in real time. Our service also includes the development of a joint training plan for training and awareness of your employees to establish a high level of security awareness in your organization.

Our goal is to make your AWS cloud secure and compliant. Therefore, we support you in complying with applicable regulations. The AWS Cloud Security concept is created individually for your needs and is always based on the current state of the art to respond to new threats and technologies and to protect your cloud infrastructure in the best possible way.

Unsere Consulting Services

  • Our cloud security experts work together with the customer’s stakeholders to develop a cloud security concept as a basis for cloud usage.
  • In the area of data protection and security, we work with our customers to design the use of encryption technologies provided by AWS to comply with the requirements of data protection laws and regulations (e.g., BSI C5, DSGVO, ISO 27001, CIS, etc.).
  • Regarding the identity and access management, we jointly design strong authentication methods, clear access policies, and a privileged access management approach.
  • In the area of our customers’ individual security threats resulting from their individual cloud workloads, we develop a joint concept for the use of security monitoring tools and vulnerability scans to detect and remediate misuse and undesirable behavior.
  • We see the inclusion of security in the development process of our customers as an essential part of our consulting service for the creation of the cloud security concept of our customers.
  • From the developed cloud security concept, we derive specific security measures, so-called security controls, which we then implement in the AWS environment.
  • We also support our customers in the development of an individual training plan for the training of internal employees to support cloud security.