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tecRacer Group

Creating innovative solutions together

Innovative means new, interesting, rare, promising, challenging – something, apart from us, only a few others are doing. We want to discover and explore things together and create something new.

Solutions can be products, projects, and services. We want to inspire our customers and preferably provide them with even more than just the solution to their problems. We want to think ahead, really understand customers’ requirements and unlock the full potential of the technologies we work with every day.

Together we want to work out solutions in self-organized teams, alongside our customers and partners. Should difficulties occur while working together, we want to solve them in a professional and appreciative manner. Our approach should be transparent in all aspects and understandable for all. We want to be reliable partners for each other, as well as for our customers and suppliers.

Designing has both a craft and creative component. We want to be excellent in our craftsmanship so that we can implement our ideas quickly, productively, and cost-effectively for our customers. We want to think ahead and strive for independent and high-quality results.


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Dipl.-Ök. Sven Ramuschkat

Managing Director

I have been on board since 1990 and am responsible for Business Development. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 0511-59095-902 or send me an e-mail at

Dipl.-Wi. Inf. Gregor Püttmann

Managing Director

I have been on board since 2015 and am responsible for AWS Cloud Computing. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 020-33061-170 or send me an email at

Torsten Höpfner

Managing Director

I have been on board since 1998 and am responsible for internal organization and projects at tecRacer. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 0511-59095-918 or send me an email at

Eva Ramuschkat

Dipl.-Ök. Eva Ramuschkat

Managing Director

I have been on board since 2016 and am responsible for Business Development of Amazon Connect and Customer Engagement Services. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 0511-59095-967.

Dipl.-Ök. Markus Herrlich

Managing Director

I have been on board since 1990. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 0511-59095-901 or send me an e-mail at

Benjamin Wagner

Managing Director

I have been on board since 2018 and am responsible for supporting our customers in Switzerland. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 0041-78-300-4053 or send me an email at .

tecRacer – owner-led company

tecRacer was founded in 1999 as the “iRacer” business unit of Herrlich & Ramuschkat GmbH. In 2006, tecRacer GmbH & Co. KG was spun off as a stand-alone company. Today we employ more than 150 permanent employees and count more than 450 customers and 1,500 projects worldwide since 1999.

tecRacer Management

The goal and task of the management is to create a supportive environment for the stakeholders and to ensure the employees’ autonomy in a reasonable manner. Decisions of the management are always made in accordance with the company’s goal and are therefore long-term oriented.


We consider our customers and suppliers to be our partners. An equal cooperation is a necessity for a successful collaboration.


As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Amazon Web Services highlights top-tier APN consulting. We have extensive experience delivering customer solutions on AWS, trained and certified expert consultants, and at least one APN competency.

tecRacer has been authorized by Amazon Web Services as an official training partner and conducts AWS training in compliance with AWS documentation and terms and conditions.

tecRacer is an audited Managed Services Partner by AWS.

More info as well as audit reports

By partnering with Snyk as a Platinum Partner, tecRacer provides added value by helping you seamlessly integrate Snyk into your existing developer tools and workflows. This integration empowers you to maintain high levels of security at scale, without sacrificing speed. With Snyk, your security teams can maintain governance and compliance standards, all while allowing your development processes to continue at their normal pace.

Through the partnership with Trend Micro, tecRacer enables the integration of Trend Micro security products into AWS environments. By integrating Cloud One – Conformity, tecRacer provides pre-configured and custom compliance monitoring for its AWS LandingZone solution, delivered by our team of cloud experts. tecRacer’s managed security services through Trend Micro Cloud One SaaS solutions deliver comprehensive security for our customers’ AWS cloud workloads.

tecRacer is a NetApp Preferred Partner and SPOT Certified Partner.
As a NetApp Preferred Partner, we support our customers in implementing their Cloud Transition Journey based on AWS best practices and using seamlessly integrated tools from NetApp. Spot by NetApp continuously optimises the provisioning of resources in the AWS Cloud – all fully automated, at the lowest possible cost and without compromising SLAs.

tecRacer has extensive knowledge in the following Adobe products: Adobe Connect, Adobe Flex, Adobe LiveCycle, Adobe ColdFusion, and Adobe Media Server.

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