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Terraform by HashiCorp

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Why Terraform by HashiCorp?

HashiCorp is an Advanced Technology Partner for AWS Partner Network (APN), member of the AWS DevOps competency and with the Terraform application market leader in the area of multi-cloud orchestration tools / Infrastructure as Code.

Continuous changes in IT shape our daily lives, so it is essential to have the highest possible level of automation to stay competitive in an ever-changing environment. And Infrastructure as Code (IAC) supports this.

Instead of manual procedures, operations teams can use Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to manage and deploy their IT infrastructures automatically via code. Infrastructure as Code is therefore sometimes referred to as programmable infrastructure. The concept of IAC is similar to script programming, which is used to automate key IT processes.

Terraform at a glance

Terraform enables operations teams to efficiently manage their IT infrastructures on leading hyper-scalers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others, as well as their individual in-house solutions.

Configuration files describe the Terraform components needed to build cloud infrastructures.
When the configuration changes, Terraform can determine what has changed and create incremental execution plans that can be applied.

The infrastructure that Terraform manages includes low-level components such as compute instances, storage, and networking, as well as high-level components such as DNS records, etc.

Terraform Trainings – Terraform on AWS

Terraform on AWS explains the advantages of Terraform in the cloud computing / AWS environment and gives participants practical examples in the Infrastructure as Code area. In this course, you will also learn about the advantages of open source description languages in the DevOps environment. By means of exercises, practical experience is gained quickly and participants learn to write reusable code.

In addition to excellent training skills, our trainers also have corresponding Terraform project experience.

We offer open trainings in Hanover and Düsseldorf. We are also happy to conduct trainings at your site.

More about HashiCorp Training

Terraform Consulting

Choosing the right orchestration tool is roughly comparable to a craftsman’s relationship with his toolbox. Everyone chooses exactly the tool with which they feel most comfortable. The only thing that matters then is what you do with it. To help you understand how to use the tools, our experienced consultants will be happy to provide you with advice and support based on their extensive experience gained in numerous Terraform projects.

Thanks to the Terraform scripts that we develop together with you, we can show you the added value of the AWS platform and demonstrate what is possible with Terraform. Of course, with the goal that you can always build, update and version your AWS infrastructures particularly efficiently. There are more than enough pitfalls in automation with Terraform. It starts with basic questions regarding configuration and ends with some unpleasant surprises that even Terraform admins can face from time to time.

Terraform Reseller

We are already successfully using Terraform as part of our consulting projects and are also an official Terraform reseller. Our customers always have a competent contact person for all their concerns regarding Infrastructure as Code topics, to whom they can turn to.

Terraform – Our recommendation for Infrastructure as Code

Before operation teams invest their precious time over and over again to work through recurring, identical tasks, it is much more effective to invest time only once in a time-saving automation. Terraform by HashiCorp is an Infrastructure as Code, DevOps tool for automated, secure setup, management and update / versioning of IT infrastructures.