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SAP on AWS Pilot

Your SAP systems are the heart of your business processes. Therefore, it is even more important to operate them in a stable and secure manner. Amazon Web Services has repeatedly proven that it offers the best platform for SAP workloads. We help you take your first steps in the AWS Cloud and set up a production-ready pilot environment for you.

In a traditional environment, the setup of a pilot environment is associated with relatively high setup costs.

Thanks to the complete virtualization of the AWS cloud and various automation tools, we can provide you with a fully-fledged SAP system with root rights within a few days.

The pilot project includes:

  • Basic SAP on AWS training
  • Setup of an secured AWS pilot environment in your account according to best practices
  • Deployment of a fresh SAP pilot system with standard configuration
  • Demonstration of the automation possibilities of the AWS Cloud

  • On request: Support for data migration and secure network connection to your existing system landscape
  • On request: Analysis of your existing system landscape and preparation of an initial cost calculation

After the end of the pilot project, we will be happy to support you in expanding the environment to a test or productive system.

SAP on AWS Quick Facts:

  • All your data and servers remain completely isolated in a partitioned network area called Virtual Private Cloud. A secure connection to your corporate network is of course possible.

  • You can provision HANA database servers with up to 24 TB of memory within minutes.

  • In the AWS Cloud, you only pay for services you actually use. For powered down servers, you only incur disk charges. For always-on servers, you can save up to 60% by opting for reserved instances.

  • The greatest potential of the AWS cloud lies in its integration with so-called value-added services, such as machine learning or data analytics. These can be integrated into existing business processes and give you the edge.

  • Access control: Use SSO or create individual IAM users and assign them to groups. 

Additional topics:

Who owns the built pilot system?

The pilot system is built in your own AWS account. If you do not yet have an AWS account, we will be happy to support you, for example through our account reselling. You have absolute root rights on the pilot system and can then use it as you wish.

How much does the SAP on AWS Pilot cost?

The basic package of the SAP on AWS Pilot is delivered to you in the form of 5 factored person days. The costs for this amount to EUR 8,000. We will be happy to arrange additional desired services with you individually.

    What other costs do we have to expect?

    In addition to the consulting costs for tecRacer, there are also costs for the AWS infrastructure. However, these costs are only limited to the duration of the pilot phase. All AWS services are billed on a pay-per-use basis.

    What is tecRacer’s experience in SAP on AWS?

    We are the absolute experts in the AWS area. In addition, the SAP team at tecRacer has several years of experience in the area of SAP Basis. We manage to combine both worlds. Should a project require additional know-how, we have access to a broad network of SAP specialists.

    What is tecRacer’s relationship with Amazon Web Services?

    tecRacer and AWS have a long-standing and trusting relationship that benefits us in many projects. We were the first AWS Premier Tier Services Partner in Germany. Despite our relationship with AWS, it is important to us to provide you with independent and fair advice.

    Any questions left?

    – no problem! Book an appointment with our experts and get a free consultation!

    Success Story

    SAP HANA High Availability on AWS – How tecRacer helped secure cash register operations for Germany’s leading department store chain
    Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof and tecRacer have been collaborating on developing Galeria’s Cloud Platform for many years with tecRacer as their Go-To Partner for everything related to AWS. The work we have been doing ranges from designing, setting up and operating their landing zone and network infrastructure, managing platform security and cost optimizations all the way to deploying complex system architectures such as Kubernetes. Most notably, we have been one of their trusted partners when it comes to their SAP infrastructure on AWS and have supported in many successful SAP system deployments.