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Genesys Cloud –
The future of
customer service on AWS

Genesys has replaced its on-premise and previous cloud solutions with the Saas platform Genesys Cloud. The innovative CX platform is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and uses various data locations, including Frankfurt and Zurich. This allows companies to store their customer data in their region while complying with legal requirements.

By leveraging the AWS infrastructure, Genesys Cloud delivers powerful AI and digital innovation to provide faster, smarter and more personalized experiences for customers and employees.

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With the introduction of Genesys Cloud, Genesys has solved many challenges for companies using contact center solutions. These are the main ones:

  1. Scalability and flexibility: Adaptation of contact center capacities to customer requirements without local infrastructure limitations.

  2. Rapid innovation and agility: Continuous functional enhancements and adaptation to business requirements thanks to modular architecture.

  3. Global availability and reliability: Worldwide data centers and distributed setup for high availability.

  4. Easy deployment and management: Cloud-based solution reduces complexity of on-site infrastructure maintenance and enables rapid deployment and management.

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Our CX and AWS cloud consultants provide you with expert advice right from the start and discuss important issues relating to data protection, security and compliance with you.


Do you want to connect the Genesys Cloud with your backend systems and have individual requirements that you would like to have implemented?

We develop the right solutions for you and can cover almost any scenario with the help of AWS Cloud Services.

Managed Services

Even after successful implementation, we are still there to support you. Our managed service team monitors your contact center according to individual SLAs so that you can focus entirely on your customers’ customer experience. We set productive alarms and keep you up to date about technical innovations and possible service improvements.

Your benefits with our solution

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Improve customer satisfaction with Genesys Cloud

Through personalized service and seamless interactions, you can increase your customers’ satisfaction. With real-time analyses and feedback mechanisms, you always know exactly what your customers want.

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Ready for the future of customer service

With continuous updates and innovative features, Genesys Cloud keeps you on the pulse of time. Future-proof and innovation are our guarantee.

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Scale your business with ease

Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise, Genesys Cloud adapts flexibly to your requirements. Scale your customer service team with ease and stay in control of your processes at all times.

Better customer service with AI-based email classification for Genesys Cloud

Imagine if every incoming customer request was immediately analyzed, understood and routed to the most appropriate agent. With our email classification solution based on Amazon Bedrock, we make exactly that possible for your Genesys Cloud CX platform. Benefit from optimized processes, more satisfied customers and higher service quality.
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AI-assisted analysis

Our solution uses the advanced capabilities of Amazon Bedrock to analyze the content and intent of each incoming email. Through natural language processing and machine learning, the context of each request is reliably captured and understood.

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Automated assignment

Based on the content analysis, our system automatically assigns the e-mails to the areas of responsibility of your service employees. Inquiries are then forwarded directly to the most suitable employee. This saves valuable time and increases efficiency.

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Seamless integration

Email classification can be easily integrated into your existing Genesys Cloud CX environment as an add-on. After a quick initial setup, the solution works reliably in the background and optimizes your email channel.

Find out now in a no-obligation consultation how you can benefit from AI-based email classification for Genesys Cloud CX. Simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Together, we’ll find the best way to deliver even smarter customer service.

Get in touch with us and start your journey with Genesys Cloud

Ready to experience the future of customer service? As a cloud-experienced AWS and Genesys implementation partner and reseller, we can support you on your journey to the Genesys Cloud. Contact us today to learn more about Genesys Cloud and how it can transform your business.


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