Data Analytics and Machine Learning

“Data is just a collection of numbers until you turn it into a story.”

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Your Data Story

Do you remember the last sales report? Probably not.

The challenge is not to have data of interest. It is how to choose the right data to create interesting and even inspiring reports that are easy to understand. Usually, a lot of preparation work in terms of cleaning, handling missing values, and transformation needs to be done to issue great analyses.

How to get there? Spoken from a technology perspective, it is essential to pick the right tool for the job that strongly supports creating the desired analysis.

You can see here a typical analytics or machine learning process. Our strength is to have extensive knowledge in data analytics and machine learning tools managed by AWS. However, working with numerous customer use cases enabled us to explore and extend our skills with common third party software, such as Matillion ETL among others.

Our consulting services

  • Together with you, we develop a vision, strategy and roadmap for the introduction of data analytics and machine learning
  • We support you with development services for the modernization of your applications
  • We train your team
  • We help with operations with our AWS Managed Services 

Let’s dive in a little bit:

Typically, you have information in various data sources you would like to combine and which need to be moved into the cloud (ingest) and stored in a data lake. Data is often messy (e.g. missing values from sensor data, unexpected usage of units, use of a variety of formats for telephone numbers etc) and needs to be transformed. This is true for both: Analytics and Machine Learning processes.

For the latter: Working on a prepared data set, you can either build, train and deploy your own models or you can choose from a variety of pre-trained models from AWS.

Results can be visualized using AWS tools or any third-party Business-Intelligence tool you already use in your company.

Follow the Data Story and click on the icons in the image below for more information on each phase of the Data Analytics and Machine Learning process:

Any questions left?

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