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Container Services
in the AWS Cloud

Microservice architectures with Docker, Kubernetes and open source technologies to modernize your application landscape

Why AWS?

AWS offers two container orchestration solutions as a managed services: Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Elastic Container Service (ECS).

These serve as the foundation for modernizing your application landscape to increase the pace of innovation of your business.

You benefit from the performance, scalability, reliability, availability, and security of the AWS infrastructure.

Why Tecracer?

We are an experienced AWS service partner with comprehensive industry and project know-how. Therefore, we understand your challenges precisely and comprehensively. 

We offer comprehensive knowledge of deploying and managing containers based on Kubernetes (EKS) and ECS, so your company can harness the power of the cloud and focus on the core business.

Your benefits

Application Modernization

With the help of EKS and ECS, you can run your applications and associated infrastructure based on containerized applications.

You can also successfully modernize and automate your workloads with a robust DevOps toolkit and best practices.

Automation (CI/CD)

The provisioning of the infrastructure is done by an IaC approach (Infrastructure-as-Code) as well as the integration in Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

This makes the entire process repeatable, verifiable and secure. You benefit from an accelerated time-to-market and gain corresponding competitive advantages.

Reduction in operating costs

By efficiently provisioning and dynamically scaling clusters, you can reduce your operating costs to actual resource usage (pay per use).


AWS Orchestration solutions enable dynamic provisioning and scaling of workloads to meet appropriate workload requirements.

Define complex containerized applications and AWS takes care of scaling the application environment.

  • Smart Valor

    Thomas Felber, CTO & Co-Founder of SMART VALOR
    “Thanks to the support of tecRacer, we now have a brand-new environment. This resulted in a significant reduction of DevOps maintenance effort, shorted massively the deployment time, increased the overall system availability, and allows us to have a permission setup that is based 100% on permission requests. This is a very important step forward in our mission to provide a highly scalable, secure digital asset platform!”
  • Enersis Suisse AG

    Andreas Jaus, CIO, Berne
    “Due to rapid growth in new customers and complex technical requirements for a digital twin, it was necessary to bring our gaia platform and the underlying cloud infrastructure to an automatable and scalable level. tecRacer supported us optimally in the project with know-how and understanding of our architecture requirements. The partnership with tecRacer was also an enrichment for our internal team, so that we can now also continue to work together in operations and benefit from their expertise.”

    Our Solutions


    In addition to the official AWS training courses, our training offering also includes training courses developed specifically for tecRacer customers in the areas of DevOps, container technologies and open source.

    Contact us!


    We are a certified AWS Migration Partner and help you efficiently migrate Kubernetes workloads to the AWS Cloud.

    Depending on the use case, adequate migration strategies are applied.

    Application and Infrastucture Modernization

    We advise and support you in building a container-based microservices architecture in the cloud. We configure AWS EKS and ECS as well as all related AWS infrastructure components according to AWS best practices.

    In addition, we focus on the topics of security & compliance (observability, DevSecOps) and DevOps for efficient product development as well as the provisioning of infrastructures up to the automated deployment of your applications.

    Managed Service

    tecRacer AWS Managed Services operates your container-based infrastructures in the Amazon Cloud.

    In doing so, we don’t just do “support”, but we handle the complete service management for you and thus reduce your costs.

    • bsurance GmbH – EKS

      Manfred Schmiedl, MSc, CTO and Co-Founder, Vienna
      “tecRacer had successfully created an AWS Landing Zone for bsurance and trained our team. Therefore, it was obvious to also draw on the expertise of the tecracer team when optimising our architecture and migrating workloads and to develop the best solution with the help of their suggestions for improvement.”