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From applicant to employee can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

My personally most convincing experience with a company

Experience report by Philip Dörning (02.06.2020)

It all began on a sunny winter day in January 2020 in the port of Hamburg

Looking for a new challenge, I wandered through the aisles of a job fair and was promptly approached by a young, confident guy asking if I could imagine becoming a cloud consultant. In the evening, my application was in his e-mail box. 14 days later, I was at tecRacer’s headquarters in Hanover for an interview, and another 7 days later, I received my digital employment contract.

As soon as I had signed my employment contract and emailed it back in February, I was told: “Find an apartment in Hanover. The first 3 months you will be trained in Hanover and get to know many of the colleagues before you join your home team in Hamburg.” I immediately took care of it and rented an attic apartment, which the company would pay for. Then I quickly picked out a smartphone and a laptop that I would work with for the next few years.

But then everything changed. Lockdown!

I was seriously worried. Would I really start working at tecRacer on April 1? Well, my worries were completely unjustified. Not even 7 days later I was informed that all work equipment was on its way to my home and that a induction process would be carried out from the home office. At no time did I feel left alone, every new piece of information was immediately communicated to me and everything necessary was discussed with me in advance. And I hadn’t even started there yet.

But then the big day suddenly arrived. April 1 at 9 a.m. Introductory round via video call. Software platforms were introduced, and it was clear to each new employee what had to be done afterwards. Work through checklists, carry out registrations, write short introductions for the other colleagues. After all, 10 new colleagues had joined the consulting team. After this really warm welcome by many colleagues, it was time to get down to business.

What was supposed to take place during an on-site phase with the team in workshops, training sessions, and lectures for induction, now had to take place online. Within 2 weeks, the tecRacer team had developed a complete concept for training the new colleagues in the home office, which could now be easily implemented. Daily video conferences were scheduled to convey the new learning material. These were followed by follow-up sessions the next day. The individual topics were taught by different employees, so that we were able to get to know many employees. Not only were all colleagues open to questions and problems outside of the sessions, but all video sessions were recorded to give everyone the chance to revisit the individual topics. So the month of April flew by.

The technical foreign language that had been the AWS cloud became more and more everyday terms, which came easily over one’s lips. Principles and functionalities became more familiar and suddenly the first tasks were assigned to real projects. You never had to face a challenge completely alone, there was always someone to help you with advice and support. There was always something new to discover, test and try out. And suddenly May had already passed when the AWS certification I had planned for myself was just around the corner, which I of course passed after the excellent training.

This company simply has the mindset, ambition and team spirit to survive, grow and excel in a fast changing and rapidly expanding business world. I am happy to be part of this team.