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AMS (AWS Managed Services)

AWS Managed Services (AMS) enables enterprises to outsource the operation of their IT infrastructure directly to AWS. This enables you to accelerate cloud adoption, reduce operational costs, and mitigate security and compliance risks in a cost-effective monthly consumption model.

Good to know: The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study identified an ROI of 243 percent(!) through the use of AMS.

The time has come for Managed Services

According to a study by Gartner Group, 88 percent of enterprise IT organizations are pursuing a cloud-first strategy. However, an average of 86 percent of IT budgets are still invested in infrastructure in on-prem data centers, i.e., on-premises IT.

But why?

The reason is simple: Often the prerequisites for the successful implementation of cloud-first strategies are not yet in place. For example, there is often a lack of internal skills, especially to ensure technical operational security and compliance in the public cloud.

In addition, many companies do not have the necessary resources. They face the following challenges in particular:

  • Employees need time and support to acquire the necessary skills to ensure operation in the public cloud.
  • Secure landing zones must be established and operated.
  • Compliance guidelines are mandatory.
    The list is long, for example: HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, SOC, NIST,ISO, PCI, C5.
  • An operating model must be created that allows costs to be continuously reduced. At the same time, the quality of service must be increased. This is only possible with a very high degree of automation.

Hyperscalers are not interested in Managed Services. Is that true?

  • The answer is a clear: no. AWS is the exception to the rule and, as in many cases, one step ahead of its competitors. For example, AWS has recognized that managed services are very scalable if they can be highly automated and standardized.
  • AWS has already launched a corresponding service: AWS Managed Services (AMS) which can be obtained through tecRacer as part of a reselling arrangement.
  • To enable the necessary scalability, AWS focuses with AMS on the IT Infrastructure Layer with the following AWS services in scope:
    • EC2
    • RDS
    • EKS  
  • All managed services around the software layer have to meet individual requirements depending on customer needs. Therefore, they will be covered like before by specialized AWS Managed Services Partners (MSP).

Other aspects…

AMS Use Case: Infrastructure / Application Modernization

Challenge: An enterprise is running outdated hardware in its on-prem data centers that needs to be replaced.

Solution: AWS in combination with AMS offers customers a particularly economical, affordable, secure and flexible alternative to on-prem data centers. No contract commitment with pay-as-you-go service models and adherence to all regulatory and compliance rules.

Challenge: Migration of legacy workloads to the cloud with the least possible refactoring / re-platforming of workloads.

Solution: From a DevOps perspective, it is easier and more economical to continuously optimize legacy workloads right in the cloud since code, data, and networks are already in the AWS cloud and therefore in direct access.

AMS Use Case: Cost Savings

Challenge: Pending renewal of data center leases or existing need for data center consolidation.

Solution: AMS can significantly accelerate migration to the public cloud while reducing risks. Companies can thus quickly benefit from the cost advantages of the AWS Cloud and focus on their core business.

Challenge: In order to justify the effort involved in migrating to the public cloud to Exec Management, significant cost savings must be demonstrated.

Solution: AMS is a key enabler to demonstrably realize significant cost savings. Customers can invest the freed-up budgets in innovations, new applications and in the strategic development of new markets.

AMS Use Case: Menschen, Prozesse, Tools

Challenge: Customers do not always have enough qualified people, processes and tools that are essential for migration to the cloud.

Solution: AMS is a great way to significantly accelerate migrations to the AWS Cloud. The risks are lower because customers do not need to build new teams or invest upfront in the automation that is mandatory for the cloud.

AMS: Customer benefits
  • 24x 7 Follow-the-Sun Service Model – AMS is available worldwide and provides the coverage customers need for global operations. Optional German-speaking 9 x 5 support via AMS-certified partners such as tecRacer.

  • Cost savings potential – The costs for the modular AMS services are transparent and easy to calculate thanks to well-defined pay-as-you-go tariff models. 

  • Premium SLAs – Optional premium service level agreements with less than four hours resolution time.

  • Accelerated Migration to AWS Cloud – AWS Managed Services provide an enterprise-grade, proven operating environment that can migrate workloads in days instead of months. 

  • Eliminate barriers for innovation while increasing the speed of innovation – Enterprise DevOps is the convergence of modern best practices for development (DevOps) with proven IT process frameworks (ITIL). This convergence enables customers to innovate even faster – flexibly, securely and compliantly. 

  • Security & Compliance “Out of the box” – AMS Services enable customers to incrementally extend security and identity perimeters in the AWS cloud. At the same time, they provide all the necessary functionality as standard to help them meet compliance program requirements, for example HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, SOC, NIST, ISO, PCI, FedRAMP or C5.

  • Integrated Access Management – This process includes the critical tasks of Active Directory integration, security integration, and customer control mapping, among others. 

  • Automation-first – More than 90 percent of common AMS operational tasks are self-service and are performed without manual intervention, simultaneously increasing security and consistency – with faster response times. 

  • AMS Partner Network – AMS certified partners such as tecRacer can optionally support customers with the provision of value-added services in the software layer, for example application, database, middleware management, enabling particularly cost-effective operations.

  • Good to know – The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study has identified an ROI of 243 percent(!) through the use of AMS.
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