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AWS Migrations

For many companies, the question is no longer…
… WHETHER … but rather WHEN they migrate to the cloud:

Scale at the push of a button, avoid one-time investments in hardware and / or on-premises data centers, significantly reduce operating costs, secure operations even in times of Covid-19, these are just a few advantages of the cloud.

Why cloud?

Cost pressure

High fixed costs and capital commitment of traditional IT infrastructure. Frequently observed: Over-provisioning of servers and thus lack of efficiency.

Lack of productivity and agility

Inefficient IT infrastructures tie up personnel capacities that can be better used for strategic projects and innovations.

Hardware / Software End-of-life

Operating systems that are no longer supported and poorly dimensioned hardware cause high support costs and failures.

Expansion, Mergers & Acquisitions

Non-integrated IT infrastructures, a variety of hardware and operating systems significantly slow down the innovation and competitiveness of companies.

Increased security and resilience requirements

Implementing and complying with all security requirements and ensuring resilience overwhelms many operators of on-premises data centers: immense resource requirements without visible added value for the future viability of the company.

Digital Transformation & new Technologies

Limited resources and an infrastructure that does not allow for agile innovation cycles delay the necessary digitization and the use of new technologies, such as AI, ML or IoT.

AWS Migration Artikel

Quelle: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Learn more in our whitepaper: AWS Migration Best Practices & Tools – migrating to the cloud securely and cost-effectively

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More Information

tecRacer: We bring you successfully into the AWS Cloud!

tecRacer has been an AWS partner since 2011 and offers consulting tailored to the AWS Cloud over the entire Cloud Life Cycle – modularly structured, competent and at eye level. From the analysis of your initial situation, to the design and implementation of your AWS Landing Zone, planning and execution of the migration, to the training of your employees.

From numerous successfully implemented migration projects and our comprehensive AWS expertise, we know exactly what is important.

Essential for the success of the migration to the cloud are: a structured approach based on AWS best practices (methods, tools and services) and a clear migration strategy. We accompany you in all phases of your cloud journey:

  • “Know Your Infrastructure” is the central goal of the Assess phase: based on AWS best practice, we compile the server inventory as a basis for further planning. In workshops, we identify the critical parameters for your migration. We assess your “Migration Readiness” and calculate the “Total Cost of Ownership” for the existing IT infrastructure compared to the optimized setup in the AWS Cloud (“Right-Sizing”). The end result: the migration business case – your decision template for your move to the AWS Cloud.

  • In the Mobilize phase, we provide you with all-round support to ensure that you are “migration ready”: from the design and construction of your AWS landing zone (platform), automation of operational IT controls, migration planning and initial pilot migration to the creation of the future operating model and training of your employees.

  • In the Migrate & Modernize phase, we carry out the migrations with you in waves: in a “Migration Factory” with standardized procedures (processes, tools, planning and responsibilities). Depending on the characteristics of the “Migration Waves”, we assist you in the iterative adaptation of your Operating Model. We then support you in optimizing and modernizing the migrated workloads.

    AWS Services & Tools

    As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, we have access to a comprehensive portfolio of AWS migration tools and a well-developed third-party migration tool ecosystem. These services and tools help simplify and accelerate the migration process.

    AWS MAP – Migration Accelerator Program (MAP)

    AWS has designed the program to help companies achieve their migration and related strategic goals faster and more cost-effectively – through funding and credits. We would be happy to advise you on which AWS Funding Program is best suited for you and of course support you in the application process.

    Good reasons for migrating to the AWS Cloud

    • Cost savings are often the primary motivation for migrating to the AWS Cloud.

      Calculating a business case with AWS tools is the beginning of your Cloud Migration Journey.

      You have all strategically relevant economic metrics at your fingertips – transparent, clear, trackable.

      Go to the Migration Evalulator

    • Increased productivity and agility – Your development teams focus on innovation and efficiency as cloud-based IT environments are delivered at the touch of a button.

    • Data center consolidation – In the AWS Cloud, you can build globally distributed data centers. All with the same high, automated security standards and high resiliency requirements. Significantly cheaper than running your own data centers.
    • Hardware / Software End-of-life – Realize significant cost, operational efficiency, flexibility, and performance benefits by moving Microsoft workloads and their license positions to the AWS Cloud. At the same time, Windows environments can be optimized and modernized.

      AWS is the most popular, secure and reliable cloud for Microsoft workloads [source: IDC Studie]. AWS hosts nearly twice as many Windows servers as the next largest public cloud provider. 57.7% of all Windows servers in the public are hosted in AWS. A fivefold increase in the past few years!

      8 Performing%20Windows%20Workloads%20in%20the%20AWS%20Cloud.pdf
    • Expansion, Mergers & Acquisitions – Thanks to the AWS Cloud, you can unlock new workloads at the push of a button at any time – around the globe, if desired. Lack of flexibility and lengthy ordering processes, which can often dangerously slow down further growth and / or complicate the acquisition / integration of purchased companies, are a thing of the past thanks to the AWS Cloud.

    • Increased security and resilience – Running your workloads in the AWS Cloud increases security against cyberattacks. The risk of operational impact from unplanned application downtime is also minimized and increases competitiveness.

      5 500 AWS Customers. AWS Benchmarking, August 2018
    • Digital transformation – The key to successful digital transformation is a fast, innovative and agile approach. The decisive change in perspective arises in customer centricity. AWS relieves your teams of their operational day-to-day business, leaving more time for strategic projects and real innovations.
    • New technologies – With migration to the AWS Cloud, you gain access to a wide range of innovative modular services such as AI / ML and IoT (Internet of Things), which you can unlock as needed. This means you can always react quickly to new trends and significantly increase your competitiveness. But also for your data backup, the AWS Cloud is the first choice thanks to the redundantly designed data centers.


      Good to know – Windows on AWS

      Did you know that you can easily run your Windows workloads in the AWS Cloud? And it’s proven to be more performant and cost-effective than in any other cloud? If you want to learn more about Windows on AWS, visit our page on this topic…

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