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AWS Continuous
as a Service

Continuous Cost Optimization in the AWS Cloud – Spot by NetApp continuously optimizes the provisioning of resources in the AWS cloud – all fully automated, at the lowest possible cost, and without compromising SLAs.

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On average, 80% of companies exceed their planned budgets for cloud usage. And almost even worse: 34% of companies do not know their cloud costs at all. Furthermore, customers tend to over-provision and have on average 10% more compute instances / VMs available than needed.

For cloud usage, on-demand instances are the most flexible but also the most expensive option, while reserved instances are significantly cheaper but inherently less flexible.

The cheapest option for cloud use is spot instances, but these are not guaranteed due to the lack of SLAs and can therefore also be de-provisioned at any time. Manual monitoring of the spot instances is also not a practical option in this context due to the high personnel costs involved.

Our Consulting Services

  • A clearly structured approach based on best practices in three phases

    1. analyze – autodiscover; analyzing your specific workloads; developing and proposing an optimization plan for your applications

    2. automate – PoC; check SLAs; plan the migration in single steps

    3. accelerate – connecting the existing cloud stacks; integrating further use cases e.g. Big Data, HPC, Single VMs, …

  • And to accelerate the cloud transition, companies should rather rely on experienced professionals like AWS, NetApp and tecRacer right away. We are happy to accompany you in all phases of your AWS cloud journey!


Spot by NetApp is a solution package that continuously optimizes the use of cloud infrastructure services. It leverages AI and automation to optimally align the running compute resources with the specific workload and deploy the most cost-effective resources to do so.

Spot is designed to continuously maximize the efficient use of cloud resources, optimize environments, and help IT teams automate the day-to-day management of their AWS cloud infrastructure.  

Spot is offered in the following variants:

  • Eco: Optimizes the management of Reserved Instances

  • Storage: Rightsizing recommendations for storage

  • Ocean: Cost optimization for container workloads

  • Elastigroup: Fully automates the cost management of AWS Spot instances

Your benefits


Spot is available on AWS Market Place


Automated control and optimization of ongoing costs for cloud usage


Using continuous cost optimization, companies save a proven average of 73% on cloud usage costs


Spot is a solution package for continuous optimization of the use of cloud infrastructure services.


Using Spot by NetApp comes at no cost to customers – they pay only 28% of the cost savings achieved.

NetApp and tecRacer – a strong partnership

  • tecRacer drives FinOps with RI management enabled by Spot by NetApp

  • tecRacer named Cloud Partner of the Year 2023 during NetApp’s 2023 EMEA & LATAM Partner Summit

  • tecRacer reaches NetApp Unified Partner Program Level Gold!

  • tecRacer is NetApp “AWS Cloud Consulting Partner of the Year, Germany 2022”