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We offer our courses both as virtual (remote) trainings and as classroom trainings.

The type of training is indicated in the corresponding course dates.

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Our course recommandations

  • AWS Cloud Jump Start

    AWS Cloud Jump Start is a 1-week bootcamp from zero to hero (excluding self study before the bootcamp and afterwards for certification). You can expect a mix of practice and theory, complemented by valuable discussions and real-world experience!

  • Amazon Connect Essentials

    The Amazon Connect Essentials course is specifically designed for Customer Service Managers and Contact Center Supervisors who want to gain knowledge and skills in using Amazon Connect. This hands-on course covers basic concepts, features, and best practices to ensure effective contact center management.

  • Operations on Kubernetes

    This course focuses on the operation of Kubernetes clusters and the associated AWS infrastructure. Through a mixture of theory and practice, we will convey content in a lasting manner and offer you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice immediately.

  • Terraform Engineering

    The first day of the Terraform Engineering course contains the same content as the Terraform Essentials course. The second day focuses on the practical integration of Terraform into production environments. Based on this requirement, advanced functionalities of Terraform will be discussed and also the ecosystem of helpful tools and concepts around Terraform and pipelines will be worked out by means of practical exercises. This course is particularly suitable for participants who want to use/implement Terraform productively.

  • Developing on AWS

    This course teaches experienced developers how to programmatically interact with AWS services to build web solutions. It guides you through a high-level architectural discussion on resource selection and dives deep into using the AWS Software Development Kits (AWS SDKs) and Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to build and deploy your cloud applications.

  • Security Engineering on AWS

    In this course, you will learn about managing identities and roles, managing and provisioning accounts, and monitoring API activity for anomalies. You will also learn about how to protect data stored on AWS. The course explores how you can generate, collect, and monitor logs to help identify security incidents. Finally, you will review detecting and investigating security incidents with AWS services.

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