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Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

The Migration Readiness Assessment is an analysis we perform, as part of our standardized Cloud Potential Analysis, prior to your planned IT Cloud transformation.

The goal is to assess the status of your organization within the Cloud Journey and to jointly create a plan to close the identified gaps. Allowing a smooth and successful transformation from an existing system environment to the future cloud environment.

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aws certified partner network


The Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) reveals a variety of challenges related to cloud migration. These include, first, the lack of clarity about an organization’s current state in its cloud journey and the difficulty of identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses. Organizations often have fundamental weaknesses that hinder a smooth large-scale migration.

Additionally, internal coordination difficulties are a barrier to progress in many cases. The lack of blueprints or best practices within the organization can also hinder efficiency. Finally, complex and complicated processes also create an impediment to cloud transformation.

Your benefits

Clarity on the current state

The MRA provides transparency into the current state of anorganization’s cloud journey so that informed decisions can be made.

Action plan for seamless migration

An action plan is created to address the identified gaps. This enables large-scale migration without pausing to fix fundamental problems.

Identification of strengths & weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses are identified to utilize resources effectively and to address weaknesses.

Team alignment & consensus building

The MRA promotes team unity and strengthens alignment to work together more effectively.

Identification of Best Practices

The MRA identifies best practices within the organization that can be leveraged to increase efficiency and scale.

Obstacle reduction

The MRA minimizes disruptions and impediments that could impede progress and ensures a smoother process.


The MRA is a structured tool that effectively analyzes cloud transformation challenges to then enable the realization of the resulting benefits. The MRA begins with comprehensive data collection that provides clarity on the organization’s current state in its Cloud Journey. It then identifies strengths and weaknesses from a cloud readiness perspective and develops customized action plans to address identified gaps.

The MRA promotes team alignment and consensus building through workshops and discussions, while establishing best practices within the organization that can be leveraged to optimize cloud transformation. A focus is set on reducing barriers to progress to ensure a smooth migration process.

Overall, our MRA provides a holistic method to prepare an organization well for a successful cloud transformation. The structured approach overcomes challenges and realizes the benefits of team alignment and best practices. This enables an efficient and smooth cloud transformation.


  • We analyze your existing systems, processes and dependencies to identify potential challenges early on.

  • We identify and assess potential risks that could arise during the migration.

  • We determine the training needs of your employees and develop targeted training programs.

  • We create a detailed schedule and manage resources efficiently to minimize delays.

  • We help you communicate with employees and stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition.