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tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly

The conference as a virtual event

Virtual conferences replace on-site events and offer the advantages of a digital platform: Presentations are available at any time and any place and can be recorded, breakout sessions are created spontaneously and quickly.

With up to 250 participants, even large conferences are possible. Of these, 16 participants can act as speakers at the same time; they participate in the conference session simultaneously with audio and video. The role of the speaker can change dynamically during the conference session.

Due to the high number of participants, virtual conferences are usually conducted with moderation, tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly can create this option for a conference session at any time. Moderators allow to contribute to the video chat and control the conference.

Nothing is the same – Therefore, each conference session is visually different from others. The distinction is centrally controlled and applied to the interface of a conference session.

Conferences within seconds

tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly can be used immediately and quickly: It is created via an online administration interface and is immediately available after clicking “Save”.

The software is based on the Amazon Chime SDK and thus offers the flexibility and scalability of Amazon’s cloud:

  • Very good audio and video quality,
  • 250 participants (16 simultaneous video transmissions),
  • Noise reduction with Amazon Voice Focus,
  • Parallel participants can share their screen,
  • Chat function and
  • High scalability

The product tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly complements these functions with the following features:

  • Authorization and role concept,
  • Guided online conferences,
  • Linking of user data with own database,
  • Immediately available meetings,
  • Optional recording of conferences and
  • Automated management of AWS resources

A flexible user interface that allows display and control of the video conference for, for example, participants, speakers and moderators according to customer requirements. The user interface is accessed via a browser and is available on mobile as well as desktop. This eliminates the need for installation on a device.

Present and discuss together

A speaker can share their screen at any time if this has been approved by the moderator. By sharing, for example, a presentation can be delivered to all 250 attendees. Via chat, participants can discuss simultaneously without interrupting the presentation.

Privacy and security

DSGVO compliant

With virtual conferences, a recurring question is whether the participants’ data is protected at all times and processed in a data protection-compliant manner. tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly follows all legal requirements and is 100% DSGVO-compliant, Amazon also does not store any data outside the EU unless configured otherwise.

C5 certified

Germany’s national cybersecurity authority, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), has launched C5 to define a reference standard for German cloud security requirements. Customers in Germany and other European countries can use AWS’ certification report to meet local security requirements of the C5 framework.

More info on the certification

Nerd‘s Corner

Our product tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly is divided between a standard product, services and the front end. To facilitate the creation and management of conference sessions and participants, we have provided Services. These services connect a customer’s main system data (Meetings, Brands, Attendees) to Chime and automatically creates Meetings and Attendees. They are stored under AWS Lambda and resemble microservices.

The core of the services is a join method that allows moderators (multiple people can be moderators) to create a chime meeting at any time by calling the conference session. If the meeting already exists, the already existing meeting will be continued and the moderator will be added to the meeting. If another participant or speaker wants to enter the conference session without first being created by a moderator, the participant will enter a waiting room.

If a participant leaves the conference session and returns by calling the URL, his state is restored, even if he uses another device (intelligent re-entry). The exception is if he was ” kicked ” out of the conference session by a moderator.

If a Chime meeting ends, it can be reopened at any time by a moderator using the URL. In addition, tecRacer Chime-SDK extends Webbly AWS Chime with a role concept. In the default configuration, the following roles exist:

Moderator can:

  • Create and end meeting
  • Allow or prohibit use of devices for other
  • participants and speakers (microphone, webcam)
  • Exclude participants or speakers (kick)


  • Deliver speaking and video contributions independently


  • May contribute voice and video if approved by moderator
  • The role of a user influences the sorting within the participant list

The specification of the roles is done by tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly.

The use of dynamic events is allowed, these are events like:

  • Video allowed or not allowed,
  • Speech allowed or not allowed,
  • Raise hand and some more.

By few interventions an event can be created for each participant and are easy to add:

Cost and resource control are easily and clearly structured using tags. These are delivered with the meeting and enable the report of AWS costs for each individually generated meeting in the main system.

Since tecRacer Chime-SDK Webbly uses the data of the main system, the services do not require an administration interface. This saves effort and cost when implementing a project.



A project, abstract unit for the accumulation of different conference sessions but with the same user group.

Conference Session

Session, a Chime Meeting