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AWS Account Reselling

tecRacer is AWS Solution Provider and AWS Public Sector Solution Provider.

This means that we can offer you an AWS billing service tailored to the German-speaking region.

Of course, you pay exactly the same price as you would with AWS directly.

  • You as a customer already have your own AWS account with an email address of your company as AWS root account user. (If you do not yet have your own AWS account, tecRacer will be happy to assist you in creating one.)
  • This AWS account belongs to your company and you have concluded corresponding contractual agreements for the use of the AWS account and the corresponding AWS resources with AWS directly, this is called AWS End Customer Account Model.

AWS End Customer Account Model

In this model, the end customer’s agreement with AWS governs all access and use of AWS services. Exceptions here are the fees, payment, pricing and tax terms. These are replaced by the terms and conditions specified in tecRacer’s agreement with the end customer.

  • tecRacer will only provide a billing service under an AWS reselling agreement for your existing AWS account and is not responsible for any technical availability of your AWS account and its AWS resources.
  • All costs generated by your AWS resources (which includes discount plan purchases and AWS Marketplace purchases) will be billed by tecRacer at the end of each month at the applicable AWS pricing with no markups.
  • Your AWS account automatically comes with AWS Business Support. This costs 10% of your AWS monthly total of the respective AWS account (this includes discount plan purchases and purchases in the AWS Marketplace).
  • You will receive a German invoice in EUR with German VAT and payment terms of 20 days. The conversion from USD to EUR will be done as following:
    • On the 3rd-5th day of the following month, the AWS billing data is final and can be fixed by us for the AWS customer account. On this day the Dollar/EUR exchange rate will be fixed and used as a basis for the settlement towards the customer in EUR.
  • You will receive a data processing agreement according to Art. 28 DS-GVO directly from AWS. You will only need a data processing agreement according to Art. 28 DS-GVO from tecRacer if tecRacer performs corresponding managed services for you in your AWS account.

If you need your own AWS Organization (this is also necessary if you want to use the AWS Managed Services (AMS) by tecRacer), we can also provide this as part of the AWS reselling.

  • You will receive free access to our tecRacer billing console. For this, the tecRacer Billing Console requires corresponding read rights to your AWS account, which we will coordinate with you. The functionalities in the tecRacer Billing Console depend on the access rights granted. tecRacer does not have any access to your personal data here. You can also view the following data in the tecRacer billing console:
    • Cost Reports and Alarming
    • Resource Utilization Reports, Trending Reports
    • Change Monitoring, Best Practice
    • Recommendations

Terms and conditions for contract termination in the AWS End-Customer Account model:

In case you want to terminate your contract with tecRacer one day, this will be implemented as following:

  • Your AWS account will be disconnected from the tecRacer master account in terms of billing.
  • All access rights of tecRacer employees and services, if any, will be deleted by us.
  • All documentation of your AWS infrastructure and applications, if any, will be deleted by us.
  • We carry out the transfer together with you in a fair and transparent manner within 10 working days.