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We are proud to announce two new AWS Community Builders!

We are very pleased to announce that in recognition of their valuable community work, our colleagues Franck Awounang Nekdem and Thomas Heinen have been named AWS Community Builders by AWS.

The AWS Community Builders program provides dedicated members, technical resources, education, and networking opportunities to share their knowledge and connect with the community.

The program only accepts a limited number of new members each year. That’s why we’re especially proud that two more tecRacer members were accepted this year.

“I’m looking forward to getting even more people excited about AWS as an AWS Community Builder.”
Franck Awounang Nekdem, Cloud Consultant, tecRacer Group and AWS Community Builder

While there is no specific criterion for acceptance into the program, the willingness to share one’s knowledge with the community in the form of blog posts, open source contributions, presentations, etc. is key to being selected as an AWS Community Builder.

Our colleagues Franck, Thomas, Gernot and Maurice are very committed to the AWS Community. They actively share their knowledge in different areas (Machine Learning, Storage, Dev Tools and Serverless) as free content to ease the way into the AWS Cloud for all interested parties.

“I’m looking forward to raising awareness of the capabilities of AWS storage offerings as part of the Community Builders. With services like Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, there are now opportunities to look at hybrid cloud scenarios in a whole new light and seamlessly integrate the data center world with the public cloud.”
Thomas Heinen, Cloud Consultant, tecRacer Group, AWS Ambassador & AWS Community Builder

Thank you very much for your commitment! We are already very excited about your further contributions.

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