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Sven Ramuschkat in an interview with IT-Business

Always ready for the next thrill

Sven Ramuschkat has led tecRacer to become German partner of AWS. One of the entrepreneur’s driving forces is his permanent openness to new things. With more than 1,500 additional features per year, the hyperscaler provides enough fuel for his curiosity.

Business graduate or nerd?

It is difficult to pigeonhole Sven Ramuschkat according to one of the common entrepreneur typologies. The founder and CEO of tecRacer can look at things through the eyes of a technologist as well as from the perspective of a business economist – and he can combine both perspectives in order to draw the right conclusions. This dual talent is probably one of the reasons for the success of the Hanover-based company, which, according to Crisp Research, is “probably the most competent and important partner” of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany.

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