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tecRacer is Chef Partner of the Year „Financial Services“

We are very pleased to announce that in addition to the achieved “Principal Partner” status, we have now also been recognized as Chef Partner of the Year “Financial Services” at ChefConfOnline.

Congratulations to our entire team, who work hard to provide the highest level of expertise and master both small and large customer projects with aplomb.

Chef at a glance

Chef Automate allows our customers to centrally maintain all IT infrastructure and application code changes, providing their operations and development teams with a common platform for both developing, testing and deploying software.

In doing so, Chef Automate provides an intuitive user interface that also provides information about the status of the environment and also the level of compliance.

Proven cryptography procedures and SecDevOps-oriented workflows also meet the needs of customers with above-average data security requirements.

Chef Automate is designed for a continuous improvement process while fostering collaboration between developers and administrators.