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Insider Story – Felix

Who am I?

Born in the former German Democratic Republic near Berlin, I moved ten times all around Germany (and Austria) before I turned 21. Apart from an unusual combination of focus subjects in school (Chinese, Latin, Mathematics, and History), main parts of my life always have been filled with all kinds of sports like mid-distance running, soccer, athletics. I had some regional and national success that I am proud of.

After finishing school, I studied mathematics for roughly 7,5 years (including a PhD), just because I liked the challenge and wanted to do it. Nowadays I am living with my children, my wife and my laptop in the probably best of all hanseatic cities with plenty of heathland in running distance.

How did I get to tecRacer?

After realizing that studying maths does not necessarily mean qualifying for interesting jobs, I started working at a big German insurance group. As a junior management high-potential, top-motivated Trainee I had the chance to look at all departments I’d liked to see. That included for example taxes, brokerage sales, marketing.
This taught me that you can be helpful in a short period of time in every working area as long as you are interested. For me it ended up similar in most of the departments: I put major efforts in automizing and technically supporting every joined department.

Pretty obvious, what my secret area of interest is, right? But broadening one’s professional horizon is not the only key for a fulfilling working life, at least not for me. That is why I (successfully) applied for a job as a consultant and instructor at tecRacer in 2016.

My experience with tecRacer

Reading other colleague’s insider stories, it feels a bit like we are all brain washed. Guess what? There are chances this passion for our work and our employer may simply be true.

On every single day I am still learning something new. On every single day with contact to a customer I know which side I prefer. On every single day I am feeling proud of my employees. On every single day I can work in a self-determined way – it actually is the only way to work at tecRacer, you have to be self-determined.

And that is probably the most relevant part.
From day one I was advised to bring in everything I had to offer. This gave me the chance to co-design tecRacer as a good place to work. With this freedom also comes the responsibility for everyone at tecRacer to maintain our excellent culture of error, helpfulness, trust, and relaxedness.

Bottom line

Be who you are, eventually it will come out anyway. Luckily for me, my colleagues react benevolently to my witty cheerfulness.

And yes, I also had the chance to be part of the world famous tecRacer application days from both sides. They are great. Believe me. It is true. The greatest application days on earth. Approved by Dr. Cloud.