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Our first internal AWS GameDay – Tour de Machine Learning!

AWS GameDay is a team-based learning activity that challenges participants to apply their AWS knowledge in implementing AWS solution to solve real-world problems in a gamified, risk-free environment. It’s a hands-on opportunity for technical professionals to explore AWS services, architecture patterns, best practices, and teamwork.

This approach fosters creativity by giving teams the freedom to think outside the box as they tackle a diverse range of technical hurdles. There is no one right answer; instead, teams use the resources AWS provides in live AWS accounts to pave their own path.

The AWS GameDay is available on various topics. For our first GameDay, we chose the “Tour de Machine Learning”. The participants were challenged with tasks from the topic area of AWS AI/ML Services.

“To run the first internal GameDay ever, we had to decide which one to run. In our case, I started a short list of possible directions and created an internal poll for this. The largest interest was in MLOps.“
Patrick Schaumburg, Cloud Consultant, tecRacer

Our Cloud Consultant Patrick Schaumburg took on the organization of the cross-location team-based learning acitvity. A total of 34 participants came together in 9 teams. The GameDay was spent quite differently by the teams. Some teams met on-site at our offices, while others collaborated from their home offices.

The feedback from our colleagues about the GameDay was very positive and the demand for the next GameDay was already high.

Our colleague Patrick shared his thoughts on our first internal AWS GameDay in a blog post, which you can read here.

Are you interested in a joint AWS GameDay with us? Just use our contact form to get in touch with us.