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tecRacer is AWS Config Service Delivery Partner!

In a growing and dynamic business environment, it is essential to automate and standardize compliance and security to minimize both operational effort and risk. AWS Config provides a powerful, scalable, and flexible solution for this.

As a recognized AWS Config Service Delivery Partner, we have deep technical expertise and proven customer success!

AWS Config provides a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring the configurations of all AWS resources in real time. This is not only important for general administration, but is especially critical when it comes to meeting security standards and compliance policies.

One of the biggest advantages of AWS Config is the ability to use so-called Conformance Packs. These packs allow the integration of established frameworks and compliance standards for example by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) directly into the AWS environment. This greatly simplifies configuration and reduces the risk of human error. By implementing conformance packs based on NIST guidelines or other standards, an organization can ensure it meets all regulatory requirements without having to manually configure each service.

In addition, AWS Config enables integration with other AWS security services such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) or AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to provide a layer of additional security and control.

Our AWS Config Service Delivery Partner status means we can help you assess, review, and optimize the configurations of your AWS resources. We help you analyze changes in configurations as well as the relationships between your AWS resources. We provide detailed resource configuration histories and help you ensure overall compliance with respect to the specified configurations.

As part of the AWS service delivery program, we have undergone technical validation. In doing so, AWS has ensured that we adhere to best practices for configurations and have the required expertise. We also have a track record of successful customer service case studies that demonstrate our expertise and commitment to service excellence.

Our team is continuously working to expand their knowledge around AWS. We are very proud and grateful that AWS recognizes this with another Service Delivery Partner status.