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“Architecting on AWS with AWS Jam” Training with Libri GmbH!

The company Libri GmbH participated in our first “Architecting on AWS with AWS Jam”. The difference to the other (still bookable) “Architecting on AWS” training is that an AWS Jam is hosted for the participants at the end of the training.

Participants will be presented with real-world problems with varying levels of difficulty. Divided into teams, the participants have the opportunity to put into practice and deepen their accumulated knowledge from the previous training days. A live scoring turns it into a small competition!

By teasing remarks between the teams their ambition was fueled a bit. However, the Libri GmbH teams continued to focus on collegial cooperation and learning together. Overall, the AWS Jam was a successful, fun conclusion to the Architecting on AWS training.

The team “Raging Ducks” won the first place and received an original tecRacer rubber duck! 🦆

Are you also interested in solving team-based challenges in a real AWS environment, competing with your colleagues in a fun, hands-on learning process, and applying your knowledge from the course to various AWS services?

Then feel free to book our new “AWS Jam” trainings!

  • Advanced Architecting on AWS with AWS Jam

    Each module presents a scenario with an architectural challenge to be solved. You will examine available AWS services and features as solutions to the problem. You will gain insights by participating in problem-based discussions and learning about the AWS services that you could apply to meet the challenges. Over 3 days, the course goes beyond the basics of cloud infrastructure and covers topics to meet a variety of needs for AWS customers.

  • Advanced Developing on AWS with AWS Jam

    The Advanced Developing on AWS course uses the real-world scenario of taking a legacy, on-premises monolithic application and refactoring it into a serverless microservices architecture. This four-day advanced course covers advanced development topics such as architecting for a cloud-native environment; deconstructing on-premises, legacy applications and repackaging them into cloud-based, cloud native architectures; and applying the tenets of the Twelve-Factor Application methodology.

  • Architecting on AWS with AWS Jam

    Architecting on AWS is for solutions architects, solution-design engineers, and developers seeking an understanding of AWS architecting. In this course, you will learn to identify services and features to build resilient, secure, and highly available IT solutions on the AWS Cloud.

  • Cloud Operations on AWS with AWS Jam

    This course teaches systems operators and anyone performing cloud operations functions how to manage and operate automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on AWS. You will learn about cloud operations functions, such as installing, configuring, automating, monitoring, securing, maintaining, and troubleshooting these services, networks, and systems. The course also covers specific AWS features, tools, and best practices related to these functions.

  • Developing on AWS with AWS Jam

    This course teaches experienced developers how to programmatically interact with AWS services to build web solutions. It guides you through a high-level architectural discussion on resource selection and dives deep into using the AWS Software Development Kits (AWS SDKs) and Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to build and deploy your cloud applications.

  • DevOps Engineering on AWS with AWS Jam

    DevOps Engineering on AWS teaches you how to use the combination of DevOps cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to increase your organization’s ability to develop, deliver, and maintain applications and services at high velocity on AWS. This course covers Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), infrastructure as code, microservices, monitoring and logging, and communication and collaboration.

  • One Day AWS Jam

    A Jam is designed to challenge people of all technical skill levels. Expand your AWS knowledge in a single intensive day and put your skills to the test by solving challenges in a fun way!

  • Security Engineering on AWS with AWS Jam

    This course demonstrates how to efficiently use AWS security services to stay secure in the AWS Cloud. The course focuses on the security practices that AWS recommends for enhancing the security of your data and systems in the cloud. It highlights the security features of AWS key services including compute, storage, networking, and database services. You will also learn how to leverage AWS services and tools for automation, continuous monitoring and logging, and responding to security incidents.