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tecRacer once again “Technology Partner of the Year” at Progress/Chef!

We are very pleased to announce that we have once again been recognized as the 2022 Technology Partner of the Year by Progress, the leading provider of products for developing, deploying and managing complex business applications, during ChefConf 2022.

The Chef Partner Awards recognize partners of Progress® Chef® products who have set a new standard for excellence and innovation in the use of DevOps and have built strong and meaningful relationships with both Chef and mutual customers.

The fact that we have once again received the “Technology Partner of the Year” award shows that we are continuously working on our good partnership with Progress/Chef and are driving our joint customers forward with new innovative solutions. We are very proud of this long-standing good partnership and are very grateful to receive this award again!

„tecRacer employees are aware of almost every functionality in Chef and have the slogan, “Make impossible things possible.” They were one of the main drivers of the target mode and REST support. tecRacer is also actively contributing to a series of Chef projects like Chef® Automate™ HA, Chef® Infra®, Chef® InSpec® and kitchen-vcenter driver.”
Progress 2022

Congratulations to our entire team who work hard to successfully execute both small and large customer projects with their expertise. Thank you for your dedication!