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AWS Data Transformation Day in Munich!

At this one-day event, learn from AWS experts and partners on how a modern data strategy can help you manage, access, analyse and visualise your data, so you can make better, faster decisions and uncover new opportunities. 💡

We are one of the main sponsors and want to show you how to use data effectively in your data story from data ingestion, cleaning and transforming data to ML and AI models with proper data analysis and data visualization. 📊📈

You benefit from:

  1. AWS & tecRacer Solutions Architect that give you hands-on feedback.
  2. Customer insights and their technical and business strategy of becoming a data-driven organisation.
  3. Feedback from tecRacer for your current data challenges.

Furthermore, don’t miss the presentation “tecRacer: How Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH uses cloud-powered data insights to support customers around the world” by our colleague Marco Grießer with Jürgen Mangelberger (CEO) & Philip Mangelberger from Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH! 💬