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AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily find preconfigured software and services from selected AWS partners and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure at the click of a button.

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About AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace enables companies to quickly and easily discover, purchase and integrate a variety of software products and services into their AWS environment.

As a centralized marketplace for AWS partners, it offers pre-configured solutions that have been validated by AWS. The simple 1-click integration enables companies to efficiently implement high-quality software solutions and optimally expand their AWS infrastructure.

As a customer, you benefit from the highest AWS security standards and a pay-per-use billing model that records the costs of actual usage.

Benefits of AWS Marketplace

  • Trusted solutions: As part of the AWS Marketplace, we offer services and solutions that have been reviewed and validated by AWS. You can count on reliable and trustworthy solutions.
  • Easy integration: You benefit from the seamless integration of our solutions into your existing AWS environment. The simple implementation enables rapid use.
  • Fast deployment: With just a few clicks, you can purchase our solutions in the AWS Marketplace and integrate them directly into your infrastructure. This enables rapid deployment and minimizes downtime.
  • Customized support: We offer customized support and expert advice to customers using our AWS Marketplace solutions. This ensures optimal use of the solutions and helps you with your individual requirements.

Our AWS Marketplace Services

Discover our services in the AWS Marketplace: your solution for first-class software integration and use.

tecRacer Security Review

Deep technical Security Review led by experienced consultants, based on best practices and practical experience. Understand your environment better by expert judgement, not generic tool recommendations.

SAP Well-Architected Framework Review

Assess your AWS environment in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, emphasizing the implementation of AWS and industry best practices tailored for SAP workloads on AWS.

Multi-AZ Block Storage for EKS

Enable your EKS clusters to use multi-AZ block storage based on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP – including capabilities like fast cloning, storage deduplication, and synchronization with classical NetApp on-premises storage.

AWS Continuous Cost Optimization as a Service

Save cloud costs up to 70% without much effort, powered by AI and automation with Spot by NetApp. It optimally aligns running compute resources with the relevant workload and deploys the most cost-effective resources.

Well-Architected Framework Review

Review your AWS environment according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and prioritize the implementation of AWS and industry best practices.

cloudRacer Landing Zone

Your automated AWS control hub: a secure, compliant, customizable and enterprise-ready landing zone

Chef Professional Service Consulting

As Chef Principal Partner, tecRacer offers Chef consulting in every dimension (consulting, development, managed services, training).