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“tecRecords Music Store” at the AWS Digital Builders Showroom in Munich!

Pick up the phone and let us create a customized playlist for you!

We are very happy to announce that we are now represented in the  AWS Digital Builders Showroom in Munich with our “tecRecords Music Store”. In the AWS Showroom, visitors can view various demos from AWS and partner companies.

Our colleagues Max Wall, Eva Ramuschkat and Lena Stallinger, from our Amazon Connect team, were on site for the opening.

Our demo uses Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex and ChatGPT! Using the red phone, visitors can talk on the phone with a chatbot that asks the caller for their favorite genre and 2 favorite artists. With this info, a customized playlist and album cover is created. The playlist is then played and the caller has the option to get the playlist on their phone via a QR code.

Our goal is to present an interactive and fun demo that shows the art of the possible and inspires.

For a year you can now visit the “tecRecords Music Store” in the AWS Showroom. Our ChatBot is looking forward to your call!