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Introduction to SSO with the IAM Identity Center and Entra ID

IAM Identity Center, formerly AWS SSO, is often used as an access management solution in front of one or more AWS accounts. More often than not, its purpose is to grant access to AWS accounts within an AWS organization. Today we’ll shed some light on the basic concepts and explain how this solution can be integrated with Azure AD which has recently been renamed to Entra ID to provide Single-Sign-On to your AWS environment.

RAG AI-LLM Databases on AWS: do not pay for oversized, go Serverless instead

The RAG - Retrieval Augmented Generation is an approach to reduce hallucination using LLMs (Large Language Models). With RAG you need a storage solution, which is a vector-store in most cases. When you have the task to build the infrastructure for such a use case, you have to decide which database to use. Sometimes, the best solution is not the biggest one. Then you should go serverless to a smaller solution, which fits the use-case better. In this post, I introduce some of the solutions and aid you in deciding which one to choose.

Harnessing the Power of Serverless PHP with Laravel Vapor

I need to start this blog post with a confession. But only if you promise to not tell anything to my tecRacer colleagues, deal? So, I built a monolith. And I loved it. And you will likely love it too if you decide to try out Laravel. Luckily, there is a service called Vapor that will let you deploy your Laravel project on serverless AWS infrastructure. That means I can continue to enjoy the top-notch developer experience of Laravel while also getting all the benefits of serverless technologies (plus, I can maintain a healthy relationship with my colleagues 🎉). But let’s start at the beginning.

The cuckoo egg testing lambda

Oh, there is an error in my Lambda function. But - what is the event JSON input which caused the error? Oh, I forgot to log the event in my Lambda code. Damned! It would be great to swap the code with a “just dump the event code” and slip it like a cuckoo egg. Afterwards, get the event and restore the old Lambda!