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Changing of the Guards - GenAI pattern to Bedrock service

10th of Juli: The ten new features, which were announced in AWS NY Summmit, show a trend in Amazon Bedrock: to implement Prompt Engineering Patterns as services. One of the best practices to avoid prompt injection attacks is GuardRails. Here, I do a deep dive into the new GuardRails features “contextual grounding filter” and “independent API to call your guardrails.” Note: Guardrails work ONLY with English currently.

Going on an Industry Quest: Manufacturing and Auto

Using Industry Quest: Manufacturing and Auto you can learn about building IoT and factory management solutions in AWS. It’s a game that teaches you about real time monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine learning and data analytics. This blog gives an introduction to the game and covers my thoughts about its usefulness.

An unsung hero of Amazon SageMaker: Local Mode

Amazon SageMaker offers a highly customizable platform for machine learning at scale. Job execution within Amazon SageMaker can take some time to set up, which can be inconvenient or even time consuming during development and debugging phases. Running training and processing jobs locally can greatly increase the speed of development and debugging before running them at scale on AWS.

Automating Cross-Account / Cross-Region Backups with AWS Backup in AWS Organizations

In this blog post we’ll dive deep into AWS Backup. We cover how the service works, how to set it up and focus on how it interacts with different AWS resources. It’s crucial to understand which features are supported for different services such as EBS or S3 to understand how to protect your environment. Additionally we look into Cross-Region and Cross-Account backup and restore options in the context of an AWS Organization.