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Livestreaming with Amazon IVS

When thinking about live streaming, most of us will think about streaming providers like Netflix. Thus we are just consuming their media content like series or films. But what about offering live video streams internally, for your customers or others?

Visualize AWS Security Groups and Rules from Terraform State

In an ever-changing AWS environment, maintaining manually created architecture diagrams can be challenging. For this reason, I decided to find an automated solution for generating diagrams based on the Terraform State File. In this blog post, I will introduce a tool that simplifies the maintenance of architecture diagrams, ensuring their accuracy and providing a clear understanding of AWS security groups and their interactions.

Amazon Pinpoint - How it works

If you need omni-channel engagement with your customers to run marketing campaigns, send notifications, or tailored (transactional) messages in bulk, then Amazon Pinpoint is the right tool for you. It allows you to manage your audience and templates and reach customers through email, text, voice messages, custom channels and push or in-app notifications. The provided events and analytics make it easy to track and measure the results of your campaigns and gain valuable insights about customer interactions.

Push-Down-Predicates in Parquet and how to use them to reduce IOPS while reading from S3

Working with datasets in pandas will almost inevitably bring you to the point where your dataset doesn’t fit into memory. Especially parquet is notorious for that since it’s so well compressed and tends to explode in size when read into a dataframe. Today we’ll explore ways to limit and filter the data you read using push-down-predicates. Additionally, we’ll see how you can do that efficiently with data stored in S3 and why using pure pyarrow can be several orders of magnitude more I/O-efficient than the plain pandas version.