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Simplifying SAP System Deployments with AWS Launch Wizard

Setting up enterprise applications can take a lot of work. Especially with software that has been on the market for a long time, a complete reinstallation and configuration can take quite a bit longer. Talking about complex installations, however, there is one final boss with three letters in its name: SAP.

Hostname Resolution and DNS with SAP on AWS

SAP systems running in a distributed environment have certain requirements regarding how to set the hostname and how those need to be resolved from other hosts. In our test landscape we use virtual hostnames to decouple the SAP instances from the underlying hardware which is running on a Red Hat Linux Server. This blog post will walk you through the components in AWS that fullfil those requirements and allow SAP instances to communicate while keeping administrative effort super low.

Managing volatile Terraform Deployments with AWS CodeBuild and Step Functions

I was searching for an AWS-native solution that would deploy resources via Terraform, allow them to do some work, and then destroy them properly without leaving any orphaned resources. Also, multiple of those Terraform deployments needed to be live at the same time. The solution I found is a combination of AWS CodeBuild, AWS Step Functions, a Terraform State being managed in S3 and Terraform Workspaces.

Wir können nicht nur AWS sondern auch SAP Hana Cloud-Plattform

Unser tecRacer Team SolveIT entwickelt seit diesem Jahr intensiv mit der SAP Hana Cloud-Plattform Anwendungen für einen unser langjährigen Kunden. Auf der SAP TechEd konnte sich unser Team SolveIT nun unter den besten sechs Teams behaupten und gehört damit zu den Gewinnern des InnoJams 2016. Die Herausforderung bestand darin, innerhalb von 30 Stunden eine Anwendung zur Ressourcen- und Kapazitätsplanung von Lerneinrichtungen zu programmieren. Diese Aufgabe hat unser Team hervorragend gemeistert und mit Come2Class eine Lösung bereitgestellt, mit der die Abläufe an Lerneinrichtungen effizienter gestaltet werden können.