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From zero to net-zero

Energy transition acceleration towards climate neutrality powered by AWS

Enersis is a purpose-driven company that tackles one of the world’s greatest problems: climate change. Their software suite gaia provides tooling and insights to energy suppliers and grid operators, cities and entire regions as well as planning and consulting companies that are involved in energy transition.

gaia’s core is a digital twin of the real world, containing data and visualizations of the CO2 emissions of individual buildings, energy plants and other infrastructure. It allows for status quo analysis and reporting according to national standards in various countries, and has integrated project management capabilities to coordinate time, costs and stakeholders of the actions taken on the path to climate neutrality.

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Enersis Suisse AG

Andreas Jaus, CIO, Bern

“Due to rapid growth in new customers and complex technical requirements for a digital twin, it was necessary to bring our gaia platform and the underlying cloud infrastructure to an automatable and scalable level. tecRacer supported us optimally in the project with know-how and understanding of our architecture requirements. The partnership with tecRacer was also an enrichment for our internal team, so that we can now also continue to work together in operations and benefit from their expertise.”

Enersis Suisse AG

Andreas Jaus, CIO, Bern

“Durch rasches Wachstum an Neukunden und komplexen technischen Anforderungen an einen digitalen Zwilling war es erforderlich, unsere gaia Plattform und die darunter liegende Cloud Infrastruktur auf ein automatisierbares und skalierbares Level zu bringen. tecRacer hat uns im Projekt mit Know-how und Verständnis für unsere Architektur-Anforderungen optimal unterstützt. Die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit tecRacer war auch für unser internes Team eine Bereicherung, so dass wir nun auch im Betrieb weiter zusammenarbeiten und von der Expertise profitieren können.”

Enersis Suisse AG

Andreas Jaus, CIO, Bern

« Face à une croissance rapide de notre clientèle et à des exigences techniques pointues pour la mise en place d‘un jumeau numérique, il est devenu impératif d‘optimiser notre plateforme gaia et de la rendre, ainsi que l‘infrastructure cloud associée, totalement automatisable et évolutive. Dans ce contexte, tecRacer s‘est révélé être un partenaire inestimable, nous apportant son expertise et une parfaite compréhension de nos besoins en matière d‘architecture. Collaborer avec tecRacer a non seulement renforcé notre projet, mais a aussi enrichi nos compétences internes. Ainsi, nous sommes aujourd‘hui en mesure de poursuivre cette collaboration fructueuse et de profite continuellement de leur expertise. »

More Success Stories

  • HZD – AWS Use Case: The Echo Show Form Help – 2020

    Harms Becker, Division Manager K3 – Architecture, Products and Standards, Hessische Zentrale für Datenverarbeitung, Hünfeld
    “tecRacer is not only a very competent service provider, but also a partner that helps us solve our challenges and implement our services in a spirit of partnership.”
  • Freiraum GmbH

    Jan Schurkus, CEO at Freiraum GmbH:
    “During the Proof of Concept Project for the migration of Solr to Amazon OpenSearch Service, we were not only be able to assess the viability of this solution but also initiated the migration process itself. tecRacer helped us to untangle the knots in our minds and unleash the full potential of the service. The impulses they provided were crucial in developing a solution aligned with best practices. We work with a tecRacer on various cloud improvement projects simultaneously, which serves as building blocks for achieving greater success with our customers.”
  • JAF International Services GmbH – 2020

    Robert Klausner, Stockerau, Vienna
    “tecRacer has supported us in setting up and using the cloud possibilities of AWS in the best possible way. Now not only our data but also our employees are linked ideally via Amazon Chime.”
  • bsurance GmbH – 2022

    Manfred Schmiedl, MSc, CTO and Co-Founder, Vienna
    “tecRacer architected and built an AWS working environment that allows us to implement projects faster and more innovatively. In doing so, we benefited from their experience and, thanks to the professional implementation, we can autonomously administer the landing zone and adapt it if necessary”
  • Bayer Data-Driven Farming

    Giuseppe La Tona, Senior IT Solution Architekt, Bayer CropScience
    “We have determined that implementing the solution using Amazon SageMaker is much more efficient and effective. Therefore, we have started implementation and are working with tecRacer to ensure proper collaboration between the frontends and AWS resources, and they are also training our developers.”
  • Uniserv GmbH

    Dr. Heiko Papenfuß, Manager DQ Operations, Uniserv GmbH, Pforzheim
    “The fast enablement particularly convinced us by tecRacer, as well as the very competently designed and implemented solutions for our requirements in a complex environment with many legacy components. This way, tecRacer has enabled us to deploy new services and drive DevOps implementation quickly.”
  • Kone GmbH – 2019

    Olaf von Perbandt, Program Manager, KONE GmbH, Hanover
    “The serverless architecture has enabled a faster project start and provided significant savings in infrastructure costs compared to running on virtual servers. The whole hardware procurement process has been eliminated. And we have backing from Group IT because of the forward-looking architecture.”
  • bsurance GmbH – 2022

    Manfred Schmiedl, MSc, CTO and Co-Founder, Vienna
    “tecRacer had successfully created an AWS Landing Zone for bsurance and trained our team. Therefore, it was obvious to also draw on the expertise of the tecracer team when optimising our architecture and migrating workloads and to develop the best solution with the help of their suggestions for improvement.”
  • Dr. Klein Ratenkredit GmbH

    René van der Vügt
    “The open and excellent cooperation at eye level with the tecRacer team contributed significantly to the success. Finding solutions quickly and a one hundred percent customer focus characterize this partnership.”
  • ÜberseeHub GmbH

    Andrea Klanke, Managing Director, and Dennis Wöltje, Managing Director, Bremen
    “tecRacer supported us well in enabling us to build the AWS infrastructure. The goal was for our team to be able to build, develop and operate the stages and the pipeline for deployment on their own. This allowed us to launch the go-live of our financial advice app MANNI – Dein Finanzcoach in a secure environment on the scheduled date.”