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tecRacer is AWS Control Tower Service Delivery Partner!

You should start your journey to the cloud with a secure and future-proof cloud environment from the very beginning.

The easiest way to set up and manage a secure AWS environment with multiple accounts is with AWS Control Tower. The service significantly reduces the complexity and time required to set up governance across multiple AWS accounts.

Through our AWS Control Tower Service Delivery Partner status, AWS validates that our Cloud Consultants have extensive technical expertise with AWS Control Tower.

AWS Control Tower builds on multiple AWS services, including AWS Organizations, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Service Catalog. Through a unified platform, you can access a collection of workflows, dashboards, and setup steps.

Based on AWS best practices, our experts help you set up, manage, and use AWS Control Tower.

AWS created the Service Delivery Program to validate partners who have extensive technical knowledge, years of experience, and a proven track record of delivering specific AWS services to customers. AWS customers can quickly and easily identify AWS partners with experience and deep understanding of specific AWS services through the program.

Our team is continuously working to expand their knowledge around AWS. We are very proud and grateful that AWS recognizes this with another Service Delivery Partner status.