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Calculating AWS DocumentDB Storage I/Os

Amazon DocumentDB is a fully managed native JSON document database that is mostly compatible with MongoDB. Why mostly? Because it it has a few functional differences from MongoDB and some MongoDB features are not supported. Despite from these limitation, customers benefit from a managed database service that has built-in security, backup integration, scalability and fault-tolerance. This rids customers from many operational burdens. AWS DMS (Database Migration Service) supports the migration from MongoDB to DocumentDB. Apart from the functional evaluation, pricing should of course be taken into consideration before migrating to DocumentDB as well.

Scaling Down EKS Clusters at night

Scaling down workloads at night or at the weekends is a common implementation task for companies building on AWS. By running only the applications that need to be available at any point in time, the total consumption of infrastructure resources can be reduced, and thus customers can benefit from the pay-by-use pricing models of cloud providers.